International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 to promote understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians and to build broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. Our vision is that Jews and Christians will reverse their 2,000-year history of discord and replace it with a relationship marked by dialogue, understanding, respect and cooperation.

Mark did not learn that he was Jewish or that he had a grandfather in Israel until he was 18. Thanks to The Fellowship, Mark has found a home in Israel and is finally finding his identity. Mark says he is “determined to create a good ending to my story. I believe that a better future awaits me.” This is his story:

This week’s Israeli You Should Know spent countless hours researching agricultural efficiency from the United States to Israel’s Negev desert. Daniel Hillel went from a young boy living on a kibbutz in Israel to the 2012 World Food Prize winner. Learn more about his life’s work here and how it relates to you:

There is no better way to whip up a new recipe than to learn from  someone who is passionate about cooking!  Not only does this week’s recipe of sacher torte result in a delectable dessert, but you learn a few tricks from an award-winning cookbook author on Jewish cuisine. Enjoy!  

Photo: wikicommons- Josef Türk Jun

Shavuot (pronounced sha-voo-OHT), which Christians know better from the Greek, Pentecost, is one of three pilgrimage festivals in which Jewish men during biblical times were obligated to go to the Temple in Jerusalem. Initially, it was a harvest festival, commemorating the ancient obligation to bring the harvest’s “firstfruits” to the Temple in Jerusalem as an offering to God. With the destruction of the Temples, it evolved into an event of monumental significance to both Jews and Christians — the giving of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, on Mount Sinai.  Learn more about Shavuot here:

We can’t get enough of the priceless artifacts that can be seen in the Holy Land! Check out the latest biblical exhibit of rare texts, fragments, books, and scrolls from the #Bible. The exhibition has been described as “earth-shattering” and even allows you to explore documents using iPads: 

"Love the LORD your God with all you heart and with all your soul and with all your strength."

-Deuteronomy 6:5

Maxim’s early years were plagued by instability and abuse. Thanks to The Fellowship and our generous donors, Maxim has been given the chance to grow up in an environment where he feels safe and loved.  This is his story:

Yael Eckstein challenges the next generation to help the world see Israel as “the strong and righteous country that she is.” Thank you, Yael, for helping the world to see Israel as more than a nation fighting for survival:

Have a peaceful Shabbat, friends!

The Fellowship-sponsored Hiyot Youth Center was like a breath of fresh air for the community of Kiryat Yam when it opened its doors six years ago. See how the youth center has transformed this immigrant community: